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Finger Delicacy intends to internationally provide nutritional multi-cultural bite size entrees to assist special populations in the reintroduction of a variety of foods. Finger delicacy is also catered to individuals who have shown a decline in cognitive functions such as memory loss and loss of dexterity. In certain regressive disorders due to various physical, mental, and central nervous system conditions can also warrant the use of Finger Delicacies.



We're working intensively to help seniors as well as other individuals with limited motor skills, stay independent through the eating process.  This enhances their morale. Adding a sense of normality contributes to mealtime pleasure, provides reassurance and helps maintain the individual’s dignity. Furthermore, it increases food consumption, and eases tension that often arises during mealtimes. It’s a Chance to Promote Independence: Finger Foods are an easy way to promote visual, verbal, sensory and physical cues of new lifelong habits.


"After my father was diagnosed with moderate cognitive impairment, it eventually became difficult for him to recall how to use utensils. I watched with a heavy heart, I had no idea how to help him. My father was adamant about not allowing anyone to feed him, he also refused to eat his favorite meal spaghetti with sauce.  Thanks to ezbites recently my father was able to independently enjoy his favorite meal with family and friends. He loves the spaghetti bites."

~P. Smith


Ezbites was thrilled to serve our signature bite sized entrees at the Dementia Conference hosted by the Alzeimer's Association of Greater Richmond ~ Changing the Culture of Care: Inform, Educate, Empower and Engage.  This conference was a huge event for healthcare professionals as well as caretakers of those with dementia.

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