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The food we make is not only healthy, but also delicious and appetizing. Please view some of the sample dishes we can make. Finger Delicacy By Bertha,  would like to reach out and build a stronger community through sharing our nutritional solutions as well as educating families, friends, and caregivers. Together, we hope to raise awareness in the community, hence eradicating the prevalent malnutrition associated with apraxia disorders.
Taco Wonton Cups 1 with Text
Turkey Potato Croquettes
Peach Banana Oatmeal Cups 1
Mini Apple Fritter Scones 1
Carrot Cake Walnut Bites
Mini Whole Grain Berry Pancake Squares 1
Mashed Potato Bacon Cups 2
Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Cups
Silver Dollar Blueberry Pancakes
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